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About Village Kantabonia

Roopark Village Is Not a Luxury Resort, Its Your Breathing Space - "ROO P ARK" , The healing zone with the Sun n rays.

The ultimate super power through the Nature=5cosmic elements =5 universal basic resources =5human organs=The cosmic eave= ROOPARK OHM

Presents A healing process through the small duration holiday get ways.

Air and Akash or Ether. The cosmic body is the grand total of these material bodies. The first And pure manifestations of those five elements are the inner conscience and bodily organs like eyes,Ears, nose, tongue and skin. Composition of these five basic organs carries the soul. Only in pure nature can ruminate your Body, Mind and Soul.


Where you can touch and smell The earth, feels the nature, breath in fresh, taste the delicacy and hear nature’s concert. Finally can get the nature therapy by own through the valued holidays for your STRESS REDUCTION, MENTAL RESTORATION AND RELAXATION. Where you will get your warm nest with nature and comfort, served and hosted by aborigines.

A part of your payment will use as a contribution towards their community to develop and needs which ends the travel with a Difference.

It’s a part of culture, custom and belief of aborigines, our passion and emotion beyond a mare business