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A Village called Roopark..

"PANCHABHUTA" or five elements of our cosmic quest of whole world are Earth, Fire, Air and Akash or Ether. The cosmic body is the grand total of these material bodies. The first and pure manifestations of those five elements are the inner conscience and bodily organs like eyes,Ears, nose, tongue and skin. Composition of these five basic organs carries the soul. Only in pure nature can rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul. Roopark village its a green space where every one can rejuvenate them self and increase the pure potentials through the nature and wilderness therapy.

Roopark Village Is Not a Luxury Resort Its Your Breathing Space - ROO P ARK>The healing zone with the Sun n rays.


A perfect tech free green zone to rejuvenate body mind and soul with power,spirit,adventure and wilderness therapy.

What we do…

Enlighten from Darkness Self exploration, Enhance your self, Re-Energize yourself, Re Built connectivity, Re Vitalize basic Elements, optimize pure potentiality. What waits … A comprehensive journey with you flavoured with a pastoral experience, with a touch of togetherness aiming at your wellness through various state of the art processes at the bed of nature, with soothing greenery we don’t constrain you tight regimens, instead, with choice as the guiding principle, with a wide range of programs and experiences designed to create overall well-being and help guests become more aware of themselves and their surroundings –

Why Us

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